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13 Ağustos 2014 - 05:45

I’d like to comment on these dusnissiocs and blog postings. It seems as though JMG is envisioning a slow state of transition. There are huge factors left out of the equation in your arguments JMG. Assuming that power remains in the hands of the few – which is less and less likely as each year passes – then your theory has stable ground to stand on.If one assumes that people will generally be kept in line and no large scale global revolution is upon us then I’d almost full heartily agree with you. From what I’ve researched on my own time from fields such as; neuroscience, psycology, biology, evolution, economics, and environmental issues, I’ve come to see that it’s unlikely things will remain as stagnant as you suggest.Given the sheer strength of human will and tenacity of our where beliefs take us, what you speak of is highly improbable. Don’t forget that religion still governs a lot of people on this planet. If a concept comes along that can change the way they think by means of widescale example then anything is possible. Currently I’m working a book that is arguing exactly what I’m talking about.Moving towards a sustainable state will generate conflict given the amount of power that has to shift hands in order for it to occur. This by itself is reason to blow your arguments out of the water if you analyze that in depth enough. People are smart and highly adaptable under the right circumstances.A big problem right now is that people are being indoctrinated globally at such a young age that it’s throwing everything off. The effects of mass indoctrination of false pretenses will enable a population that has been intentionally been led astray to uprise. Although this sounds far off, it can be explained in depth and will be.I don’t want to be rude towards JMG but he’s leaving out a lot of factors in his arguments that can easily be taken in to general consideration. It makes me wonder if there is a hidden motivation?Anyway I have to make what I’m saying sounds somewhat incoherent right now or else the concepts in the book I’m working on will get stolen. People are all opportunists under the right circumstances no matter what you’d like to believe.

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